We are excited to begin casting for another amazing season of “Battle of The Idols”. Since all casting for the show will be done through Video Submissions or Virtual Open Calls. we wanted to give you some tips to create your best video (singer) audition!

Most Important! Be yourself! Each Singer is unique and has their own style let that shine through in your video submission.    

Choose a cover song that best represents you as an singer and matches your vocal and performance style.  

Dress to impress! Wear what you would wear if you were to land a “Blind Audition.”  

Remember to have fun! Show us your personality and energy. We want to see you PERFORM!

You may sing to a track, accompany yourself on an instrument or have someone else accompany you.

Please use a high quality recording device such as a camera, MAC, PC, iPhone or an Android Galaxy Smartphone.

If you do not have a mic, make sure your recording device is close enough to get clear clean audio.  

If you are using recording equipment, please avoid overly using reverb, compression, tuning/vocal enhancers. We want                to hear you, not an edited version of you.

 Be sure to record your performance video in a place with minimal sounds and distractions (e.g. unexpected sounds like dog barking, baby crying, or loud neighbors). We don’t need any visual effects, props, or anything that would distract from your performance (be a real singer).

Test your sound and video. Can you be heard clearly? Is the sound distorted? Maybe you’re too close or too far from the microphone. Adjust and test again.

Natural Reverb – We all love a room with reverb/echo, but it can sometimes be too much. If it sounds like you’re in a cave, rethink the space.   

Please record in a clean & clear location (e.g., no dirty dishes, laundry, or unmade beds behind you). Your roommate or family member should NOT be on the couch eating chips or watching TV while you are recording your audition.

Make sure you are well-lit, especially on your face (lamps or natural light work best). Make sure the light is in front of you. DO NOT HAVE LIGHTING BEHIND YOU.

Make sure you frame the camera so we have a full view of your performance. Don’t cut off your head, put the camera too close, or with a view up your nose. Make sure the camera is in focus.